This fragment (ch23_rusnoms.dtr) is discussed in chapter 2 and chapter 3, and is modified later as part of the account of derivation in chapter 7. It accounts for the first 1500 noun lexemes in Zasorina's (1977) frequency dictionary. As it is an account of inflection, we have not linked lexemes which have a clear derivational relationship (e.g. brat and bratstvo), but the modifications for derivation in chapter 7 would allow this kind of relationship to be expressed.

There are a number of files associated with this theory:
ch23_alex.dtr (a small lexicon of adjectives)
ch23_plex.dtr (personal pronouns)
ch23_ra-c.dtr (lexicon of nouns beginning with a to c according to the transcription system used)
ch23_rd-f.dtr (lexicon of nouns beginning with d to f)
ch23_rg-i.dtr (lexicon of nouns beginning with g to i)
ch23_rj-l.dtr (lexicon of nouns beginning with j to l)
ch23_rm-o.dtr (lexicon of nouns beginning with m to o)
ch23_rp-r.dtr (lexicon of nouns beginning with p to r)
ch23_rs-u.dtr (lexicon of nouns beginning with s to u)
ch23_rv-z.dtr (lexicon of nouns beginning with v to z)

Declaration files
ch23_ndec.dtr (show declarations for nouns)
ch23_adec.dtr (show declaration for adjectives)
ch23_pdec.dtr (show declaration for pronouns)
ch23_rankdec.dtr (show the frequency rank of each noun - note that this information is not used in the theory, but is given in the lexical entries where the noun occurs in the first 1500 most frequent nouns according to Zasorina 1977)

Theorem files
ch23_rusnoms.dmp (the output theorems for the noun lexica for ch23_rusnoms.dtr)
ch23_rusp.dmp (the output theorems for the pronoun lexicon for ch23_rusnoms.dtr)
ch23_rusa.dmp (the output theorems for the lexicon of example adjectives for ch23_rusnoms.dtr)


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